Our Staff

Marci Jones, CLC, CPC

Director of Student Services

Marci grew up in Georgia and has lived in Idaho and now in West Virginia. While working at Eckerd Academy of the Blue Ridge, she discovered that serving young people and their families was what she had been called to do.  In 2012, Marci joined the Q & A family as a mentor for Applewood Transitions, living at the Applewood Inn and Breakfast Nook as a “House Mom.”  In 2014 she became a Certified Life Coach and began working with clients in a different capacity, teaching Life Skills and working as the clients’ advocate to help them transition into independence.  Marci recently began working with at-risk youth in our local school system. The SPARK program provides coping skills and tools for students with issues at home and in their personal lives. She is completing a degree in Psychology and plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Behavior.

Marci is creative and crafty.  She has a business selling handmade jewelry online and at craft shows.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has been useful in helping our young men and women learn how to make their passions profitable.

Marci has made her home in West Virginia and shares the offerings of this magical, stunning land with the clients of Q&A family of programs.  She also uses her own life experiences to support our clients in their own life journeys.

Susan Sutherland

Student Support, Administrative Support

Neuro-Feedback Technician