Our Staff

Marci Jones, CLC, CPC

Director of Student Services

Marci grew up in Georgia and has lived in Idaho and now in West Virginia. While working at Eckerd Academy of the Blue Ridge, she discovered that serving young people and their families was what she had been called to do.  In 2012, Marci joined the Q & A family as a mentor for Applewood Transitions, living at the Applewood Inn and Breakfast Nook as a “House Mom.”  In 2014 she became a Certified Life Coach and began working with clients in a different capacity, teaching Life Skills and working as the clients’ advocate to help them transition into independence.  Marci recently began working with at-risk youth in our local school system. The SPARK program provides coping skills and tools for students with issues at home and in their personal lives. She is completing a degree in Psychology and plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Behavior.

Marci is creative and crafty.  She has a business selling handmade jewelry online and at craft shows.  Her entrepreneurial spirit has been useful in helping our young men and women learn how to make their passions profitable.

Marci has made her home in West Virginia and shares the offerings of this magical, stunning land with the clients of Q&A family of programs.  She also uses her own life experiences to support our clients in their own life journeys.

Keith Bishop, CLC

Chief Operating Officer

Keith is the current Chief Operations Officer for Q&A Associates, a family of 3 programs for young adults, based in Davis, West Virginia.  An accomplished Equine Professional, Keith also operates Saddles & Smiles, a Non-profit equine assisted learning program for children, teens and young adults who don’t have access to services or opportunities in the surrounding area.

Keith began working with adjudicated youth in the State of Georgia’s Outdoor Therapeutic Wilderness Program.  There he worked as a field staff and was promoted to Senior Counselor before moving to Eckerd Youth Alternatives program in Blue Ridge Georgia, where he served as Master Counselor and Program Director.   After Eckerd Academy of Blue Ridge, Keith moved to Davis, WV to work with Q&A and since 2010 he has held the position of Program Director and is now the Chief Operations Officer.


Scott Huffman

Director of Cabin Mountain Living Center

Scott grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, just miles from where Cabin Mountain is located. Scott has worked with Q&A in the past, as the Executive Assistant to Angie. Scott has a passion for cooking and working with young people and their families. The past few years Scott has been the General Manager of a small restaurant in Bowden West Virginia. Scott loved working with the young men in woman in the past and has rejoined Q&A as the Director of Cabin Mountain Living.

Kelly Pennington

Director of Applewood Transitions for Young Women

Kelly was born and raised in West Virginia. She began her journey with Q&A Associates as an intern in 2016.  As her internship was coming to an end, she was invited to stay on as the Assistant Director of Cabin Mountain Living Center.   After serving in that capacity for six months, she was named Director of Cabin Mountain Living Center.  In 2017, she assumed the additional responsibility of being Director of Journey WV for Young Men.  She was instrumental in developing the program model for Cabin Mountain Living Center.  She also played a key role in the revamping of the Journey program when it was moved to its current location.  In December 2021, Kelly was named Director of Applewood Transitions for Young Women.

Kelly is a graduate of WVU-Parkersburg with a degree in culinary arts.  She often shares this passion and talent with the clients of Q&A.  She brings her years of experience at Q&A along with a degree in psychology with a focus on addiction and recovery to the Applewood position.  Kelly is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Recovery Coach.  She is also certified to teach Strategies of Living.

Kelly is devoted to helping young adults grow, prosper, and reach the highest level of independence in their daily lives.  Kelly continues to teach numerous courses such as baking, budgeting, life skills, and coordinates all daily client activities.  In her down time, Kelly enjoys spending time with friends and family, hiking, fishing, swimming, crafting, baking and horseback riding.

Patrick McKay, BA

Director of Journey WV for Young Men

Patrick joined Q&A Associates in the summer of 2022 to establish the drumming program for all residences under the Q&A umbrella. In 2023 he became the director of Journey WV.  Patrick has been playing drums for 45 years and has performed in many different musical situations and styles, including competition-level Pipe Band Highland drumming. He has performed with multiple artists in his hometown of Washington D.C. and for the past 28 years has played with multiple bands and artists in the North Central West Virginia area. Patrick is currently the drummer for the Soda Pop Gypsies, which is a well-known band that performs all over the state of West Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region.

Patrick started his therapeutic drumming career 20 years ago as the Drumming Coordinator for a wilderness therapy program, teaching clients traditional African drumming rhythms and introducing clients to the healing power of rhythm. Patrick began to use drumming to connect with clients who are on the Autism Spectrum as well as clients working through alcohol/substance abuse and trauma issues.


Jennifer Snyder, RN, BSN, OCN

Medical Services Coordinator

Jennifer brings 24 years of nursing experiencxe to her position as Medical Services Coordinator.  In those 24 years, Jennifer has worked in a variety of hospital settings, focusing primarily on caring for patients battling cancer.  The Medical Services Coordinator is a member of the leadership team at Q&A and will be overseeing medication managment, assisting clients with setting up medical appointments, assessing medical needs of clients on site, and making recommendations regarding medical needs.

Jennifer’s ancestors were some of the original settlers of Canaan Valley in Tucker County, WV, where the Q&A programs are located. She and her husband, Bill, are the parents of two adult sons and grandparents of one beautiful granddaughter.  Jennifer’s experience as a parent of two young adult men gives her an effective and innate ability to work with the young adults of the Q&A programs.

Amelia Preusch, BS

Director of Administrative Services

Amelia Preusch is our Director of Administrative Services. In this role, Amelia manages all administrative processes as well as working in the areas of marketing outreach, admissions, and student services. Amelia graduated from West Virginia University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management. Amelia served as an AmeriCorps volunteer at Saddles and Smiles, a non-profit founded by CEO Angie Shockley. At the end of her second year, she accepted a full-time position with Q&A Associates. In Amelia’s free time, she enjoys riding horses, hiking, being outdoors, and spending time with her dogs. 

Susan Sutherland

Student Support, Administrative Support

Neuro-Feedback Technician

Donna Anderson

Education and Activities Coordinator

Donna comes with experience working with young children, the elderly, and those with disabilities. Donna owned and operated a daycare business from 1998 to 2014. Prior to becoming Education and Activities Coordinator, Donna was the assistant director at Cabin Mountain Living Center and The Journey WV Program. Her ability for helping others comes naturally and it shows in how she works with our clients and families served in all of our programs.
Donna’s hobbies include painting, puzzles, riding ATV’s, baking, canning and being outdoors. She lives in Thomas,WV  where she and her husband are the parents of six children and the grandparents of one.