Why we chose SYMMETRY Neuro-PT

Q&A Associates is proud to announce the integration of SYMMETRY Neuro-PT in our three therapeutic young adult programs: Applewood Transitions, The Journey WV, and Cabin Mountain Living.

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training is a proven method to personalize and guide brainwave patterns. The goal is to help the brain better regulate, thus often alleviating unwanted symptoms and behaviors. This innovative technology increases the ability to manage thoughts and behaviors to better relate with the outside world in productive ways without relying on drugs and enhances other therapies.

Through a series of neurofeedback sessions, we have found that with SYMMETRY Neuro-PT we can offer our student’s a non-invasive, drug-free approach toward lasting results in the quality of their lives as they transition within their program.

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive alternative to medication. 

It is painless, it is free of harmful side effects and produces noticeable improvements that can enhance the effect of other therapies.

How it Works


SYMMETRY Neuro-PT provides measurable results


qEEG Brain Mapping

Trainees complete intake assessments and a qEEG Brain Map to create a customized neurofeedback plan.

Brainwave Training

While watching a movie, the Neuro-PT software indicates when a desirable pattern is produced allowing the brain to subconsciously learn how to self-regulate.

Succeed and Grow

Over time, the brain learns how to produce these healthier brainwave patterns on its own. Negative symptoms decrease, mood improves and trainees experience long-term positive changes.

Results seen using SYMMETRY Neuro-PT

Most of our young adults are dealing with high levels of anxiety, so adding Neurofeedback to our program services allows them an additional option for calming the central nervous system and retraining the brain, creating the space and capacity to make better decisions - responding with thought, rather than reacting from emotion.

Angie Shockley, MAFounder and CEO of Q&A Associations

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