Welcome from Angie

We approach working with young adults differently because our programs are heavily focused on practical life skills and real world experiences.


My name is Angie Shockley, and I appreciate you visiting our website to learn more about Q&A Associates, Inc. Q&A provides opportunities and supports needed for young adults to successfully transition to independence. Our programs are community immersed and structured around real life activities. We have no contrived outcomes!

I founded Q&A Associates, Inc. in October 2010 after spending over ten years working in the therapeutic industry and serving in various positions from direct care to program leadership. Those years and positions served me well, but they also took me away from my home in WV, my horses and my family. In the spring of 2010, I decided to walk away from my career, spend time with my family and ride my horse around the beautiful hills and mountains of North Central West Virginia.

However, I guess the universe had a different plan for me because after a few months, I began getting calls from colleagues and therapeutic programs requesting me to work with young adult clients. After several weeks of consistent requests, I followed my heart and took my first client. More clients followed, leading me to develop the programs of Q&A Associates, Inc.

I have always loved my home in West Virginia, and the communities of Canaan Valley and Davis are perfect locations for our family of programs. As the programs began to take shape, I reached out to several professionals with whom I had previously worked, and many of them were eager to participate, so we began to build an incredible team of skilled staff. With lots of hard work, Applewood Transitions for Young Women and The Journey WV for Young Men were established. In 2012, we added Cabin Mountain Living Center, and most recently, we have established a formal transitional living program called Community Integration.

Q& A Associates, Inc. has had great results working with young adults who have struggled with a variety of emotional, educational, and behavioral issues including: anxiety, depression, LD, ADHD, ODD, substance abuse, borderline personality disorder, school refusal, Autism Spectrum Disorders, family conflict, trauma, and grief and loss.

We approach working with young adults differently because our programs are heavily focused on practical life skills and real world experiences. Our clients lack many of these skills and experiences, delaying their successful transition to independence. While with us, our clients have the opportunity to learn the fine art of entrepreneurship by operating several businesses including a thrift store, two restaurants and a miniature golf course. I love seeing our clients realize that they can create products and businesses, which will serve them and our community well.

Most of our young adults have had lots of therapy prior to coming to us, and we help them implement what they have learned in a practical way. We also provide opportunities for them to continue the clinical work with Licensed Professional Counselor and PhD candidate, Jennifer Randall of Big Top Counseling and Consulting.

We are excited about the work we are doing and appreciate your interest. If I can answer any of your questions, please feel free to call me at 304-642-9070, or email me at ashockley@qa-associates.com.


Angie Shockley