Parent Strategist

Q&A Associates offers a unique leg to the program through parent coaching. As with many of our clients, parents need continued support. Most of our parents have had an extensive journey with their young adults, advocating for safety and security, locating resources and ensuring their young adult has had the best of what is available. Parents find themselves exhausted and immersed in the process.

A majority of our students have been to at least one residential or wilderness program. In transition to adulthood the young adult takes the learned skill set and applies it into a life of self-reliance and as a productive member of their community. Along with this process, there is a necessary shift on the part of the parents, the “letting go” process. The letting go process is a two-prong effect. First, by letting go the parents stop enabling their young adults and allow them to find success in their own accomplishments. The enabling has been a side effect of years of advocating for resources for their at-risk adolescent. Second, the parent strategist coaches around the “letting go” process in efforts to help parents begin the next phase of their lives. This approach allows young adults and parents to launch into the next phases of their lives.

Parents begin a new journey with their young adults. Communication and verbiage are vital to help and sustain the shift. The Parent Strategist offers techniques and tools to help guide parents into this new chapter of life. Parents begin a to see themselves as supportive parents and no longer critical parents.